Vitals is our monthly giving
program to ensure the vitals of the
community are looked after.

When you arrive at the hospital, the first thing the doctor does is check your vitals: pulse, temperature, and blood pressure.

These indicators are important in formulating what to do next.


Just as you have vitals, so does a community.


Medical Care

ASH Community Centers provide access to basic medical care including primary care services, medicine, vaccines, and maternal/child services. Access to quality, local medicine is the first step to improving and sustaining health.




ASH Community Centers provide a safe environment where local students can enroll in tutoring services and after-school help. ASH trains and hires local tutors to mentor the young ones and work to decrease dropout rates in their communities.



Economic Opportunity

ASH Community Centers work to improve local economies by injecting new life into the workforce through vocational training and partnerships with local school and businesses. ASH also partners with village banking organizations to encourage and train local entrepreneurs to create and sustain local businesses.



Clean Water

ASH partners with sustainable water organizations to provide impoverished communities better access to clean water. We look for localized clean water solutions that are practical, efficient and sustainable across generations.



Together, these four pillars define the necessary
components for sustained health.


A recurring donation will support the heartbeat of the community in order to keep it functioning, growing and evolving.

It’s not a bandaid but instead slow and steady support that can help enact long term change and progress.  

Your support is Vital!

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Helping a community become financially and locally sustainable is the ultimate goal.

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Your money supports the nuts and bolts of vital programs that promote health and sustainability.

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Meet the funders:


Thank you for
believing in Vitals!

Joanna Pyun

Danielle Lee

Leah Chang

Dian Le

Christine Liu

Mark Isganitis

Mijung & Yoon Kyu Chang

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